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For each discipline, MEI performs it's services to meet our best understanding of applicable codes, such as the International Codes, NFPA, state, and local  codes; and also best industry practices. We strive to specify projects and ensure a quality project is delivered by the contractor.


Evaluation and design of existing and new air, water, and refrigerant based systems providing heating, cooling, and ventilation to serving facilities of all types. Systems may be critical independent, unitary, central, or a combination of these depending on the Owner's needs and priorities.


Evaluation and design of existing and new mechanical systems such as campus or district chilled water and steam/hot water systems.  systems such as conveyance (elevators, escalators, and lifts), control systems, hydraulics, engine systems, and on site power generation systems.


Evaluation and design of existing and new electrical systems with sources ranging from utilities to on-site fuel driven and renewable energy sources. Services often include high voltage (up to 68KV) distribution and services, standard building  distribution, power to mechanical systems, lighting, fire alarm, date,  and telecom. 


Evaluation and design of existing and new plumbing and piping systems including domestic water, sanitary, roof drain, storm, oil, gas, air, and other fluid conveying systems such as medical or process gases. Newer codes not only regulate these systems often require devices and methods to protect the systems from damage utilizing various trapping and clean-out methods.


Swimming pools and aquatic facilities are unique. they are regulated by their own special set of codes and standards but are also addressed by special requirements in "regular" codes. Experience and attention to detail are required to deliver these facilities effectively. Indoor facilities benefit greatly from engineers who can design both the pool facilities and the supporting HVAC, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. this holistic approach results in an integrated facility design by a profession versed in both "worlds".

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