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Registered Engineer

Intensive Operations Experience


Engineering Firm Owner

Craig Miller PE, has over 35 years of experience in engineering and facilities operations and has owned and operated a consulting engineering firm performing services for both private and public entities across a broad spectrum of facility types for the last 15 years. Craig’s experience includes years of work in facility operations and maintenance. He performed actual work across all trades associated with buildings prior to becoming an Engineer. As a staff Engineer at West Virginia University, he was the Owner’s Engineer on over 150 million dollars in capital construction and infrastructure projects.


With years of practical, real-world experience in colleges and universities, hospitals, commercial, K-12, and recreation facility design and operations, Craig brings a vast knowledge base to bear in his services. He holds both Engineering and Communications degrees, allowing him to analyze, comprehend, and effectively communicate facts and opinion, in writing or verbally with equal acuity. As a consulting engineer, he is adept at evaluating a facility quickly and efficiently; and can utilize the resources of his firm to assist him with evaluation, analysis, calculation, and computer modeling of situations. Craig’s core philosophy in offering services is to review situations , communicate and educate clients so they may make  well informed decisions related to their projects.

When working with attorneys, Craig works to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a case and convey those in a concise, unbiased manner; educating and assisting Counsel in making fact-based litigation decisions.


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